Shipping policy

Lithium Batteries SA Product Availability and Shipping Policy

When a purchase is made with Lithium Batteries SA a legal agreement falls in place and the customer has a right to refund the product falls within the warranty period. The product will be refunded for the purchase amount or any other amount agreed with Lithium Batteries SA will occure, the refund will be limited by our terms and conditions. It is important to not place an order with Lithium Batteries SA if you have not read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions. It will be assumed that the customer has read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions once the order has been made. In the instance of the client not understanding/agreeing to Lithium Batteries SA's terms and conditions please do not make an online purchase kindly contact us for further information and assistance.

In the instance of any product unavailability or Out of Stock items the following does Apply:

  • We do not keep stock of all our listed items at all times. We do however import requested stock and will specify the lead time. We can not guarantee stock availability of any item. Please contact us to confirm stock availability and lead times before your purchase.
  • Any product on our store has a minimum of 6 week lead time, should the product be in stock or received prior to the minimum of 6 weeks we will ship your purchase once we have received it. If for some or any reason your purchase will take longer to be shipped in the 6 to 8 week lead time you will be informed directly by one of our sales representatives. 

        Please note: The shipping time is not included within our 6 to 8 week product lead time, shipping period will be additional.

  • Lithium Batteries SA reserves the right to cancel any reserved or payed order for any reason. In the instance that your order is canceled Lithium Batteries SA will be in direct contact with you. An alternative solution will be discussed (this may mean that the lead time and delivery of your purchase will be adjusted accordingly) or a direct refund will be made within 5 business days. In the case of an EFT refund the money may only reflect in your account 48 business hours after payment has been made.

Delivery Charges

All product prices listed on our online store excludes delivery charges.

Delivery charges are calculated according to the weight of your purchase and the area where your goods will be delivered to. Should your purchase/goods weigh more than 60 kg as indicated at checkout please contact us directly for delivery arrangements. Delivery charges may change after the automatic calculation system on our online store, applicable to outline areas. Lithium Batteries reserves the right to re-quote on delivery should there be any reason for the delivery exceeding the automatic quote. Should the delivery cost change Lithium Batteries SA will be in direct contact with the client with a new quote. The client will have the right to cancel the order. A refund will be made to the client within 5 business days, please allow an additional 2 business days for the money to reflect in your account.

Please insure that the correct shipping address is given as the risk will be the clients once the order has left Lithium Batteries SA's premises.

Shipping insurance is available upon request.

Undeliverable packages

In the case of your order being undeliverable a sales representative will be in contact with the client to arrange for re-shipment. If there is no way of shipping the order successfully o the client a refund will be made to the client within 5 business days, please allow an additional 2 business days for the money to reflect in your account.

Order processing

Your order will only be processed once the full payment has been made and proof of payment has been sent directly from your bank to Lithium Batteries SA's via email.

Goods lost or damaged in transit

Lithium Batteries SA does not accept liability of any goods that have been lost, stolen or damaged in transit. This applies for collections, courier arranged by clients personally and courier arranged by Lithium Batteries SA. All courier queries needs to be directed to the relevant courier company immediately and Lithium Batteries SA is to be notified of this once the package is received. Any incorrect packages/products or queries regarding quantity or type of products received needs to be directed to Lithium Batteries SA within 5 working days from the date that the package has been delivered.